My dinner of the first day of Easter Break #sugarrush

"Will you be the Steve Rogers to my Bucky?" Best Bestie Proposal ever.

#RhodesCollege: where even our cookies are prettier than yours.

AOII Formal!

Finally got my bangs back!

Moooooom, can I keep him?

SO. MANY. PUPPIES. #mylife #puppies #puppy #pluto #baby #babies #me #imwithapuppy #sohappy #hashtag #iwanttwenty

Kill it, Katie! 🎭


when someone you dont like texts you about their problems


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I like how Mother Gothel finds a bar with sounds of men singing echoing from it and she’s all like

yep rapunzel is definitely here

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what do u mean “4 minute shower” it takes me 4 minutes to get the water to the right temperature smh

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